In the last six months or so, life has been so full of changes around here, it can feel a little crazy at times. We’ve had a niece and a nephew born, as well as babies-of-friends that we completely dote on. My favorite part of this, though, has been the opportunity for lots of baby photography! (Ok, that and the chance to decorate their rooms with all kinds of custom stickers).
Spokane Family Photography
Once every two months, I have had the chance to do a photographic “check-in” with Frances, the daughter of Jen & Brandon, whose cheese-shop wedding I photographed back in September.

My how Franny has grown. When she was first born, she was very tiny, and seemed to have two modes — smiling and sleeping. Just two months later, she was not very happy about photo day, but by running the mixer and plenty of singing, we got a few good photos
Franny at 2 days and 2 months old

Between 2 months and 4 months old, Franny developed many new skills – and got much more comfortable in front of the camera! This was also her first photo shoot with Dad choosing outfits, which he was very excited and serious about.
Franny at 4 months old

And now, at 6 months old, Franny is sitting up, mauling books, smiling and laughing all the time, and she and her parents are a joy to photograph. I look forward to continuing to watch Franny grow!
Franny at 6 months

Franny at 6 months