Science and Technology Activity Badge

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Scouting is one of the largest volunteers involving young people. The existence encourages them to live at their fullest potential, involve in society and have a better life. Activity badge is for volunteers regardless you are Scouts, Beavers, Explorers or Cubs. The programmes involves fun, adventures and exciting activities. It has been around since the 1800s, this shows how much it has an impact on society.

What do they do?

For those who take part which mainly young people, will be participating in a programme which fulls of activities from outdoor to indoor, from paragliding to coding. Thus by involving such a programme, it will help to develop the youngster character such as teamwork, problem-solving, people skills, or even first aid and cooking. After many years of programmes it does shows a good result and it works. In the long term, the participant will have added value in themselves whereby having good grades is not the only things that matter now.


The cost would vary depends on the programmes or group. Usually, you can pay either by weekly or monthly or even annually. Generally, the fee will cover the hiring or meeting place. So for other activities such as camps, trips will be additional charges.

○ Scouting is well education plan programmes which consist of five sections:

○ Experiment Activity Badge – Beavers
○ Youngest members from age 6 years to 8 years old
○ The activities are more relaxed as they are new in exploring outside the home and family. It involves such as singing, games and outdoor activities such as camp and sleepovers which will involve more fun and excitement. Not much on problem solving or difficult task.
○ Scientist Activity Badge – Cubs
○ Under Cubs, will involve from age 8 years to 10.5 years old.
○ The group may as big 36 cubs but will be split into smaller groups of six.
○ The activities will much wider where involve more challenging and interesting. Will involve more outdoors and games
○ Electronic Activity Badge – Scouts
○ Members will be range age of 10.5 years to 14 years old.
○ Each scout consists 6 to 8 scouts which will be called as Patrol and there’s Patrol Leader to led.
○ It will be much more challenging activities. Towards the end of the years, Patrol will be equipped with a variety of skills such as preparation for camp, map reading, first aid, and cooking.
○ On top of that, they will be experiencing international experiences, rock climbing, gliding and many more.
○ Science and Technology Badge – Explorers
○ Scouts will be from age 14 years to 18 years old.
○ The section will be developing more on leadership skills. Whereby they are able to make a decision for themselves and the direction, but they will still have guidance and support from the leaders.
○ More exciting and challenging outdoor activities such as expeditions, offshore sailing, and campaigning.
○ More than 40 activity badges
○ Scout Network (final)
○ Age 14 years to 25 years old.
○ This is final for scouting. Definitely involve various activities and will be done by themselves on top of having the help from Scout Network Leader.
○ Outdoor activities mostly will be hiking, watersports, camping, and sailing.

Scouts have proven for years it’s effectiveness. Parents are part of important roles to make this happens. Aside from paying and sending them, involvement and give support is an essential backbone for the young.

It will build leadership skills, learning to take responsibilities, confidence, making choices. These are important life skills that can never be taught in the classroom. By having these, we are preparing them for better adult life and a better society.